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Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?


The founders of NLP were Richard Bandler and John Grinder, it is a fairly new field which has many facets in its toolbox, in short NLP is the study of genius which is then broken down and explained in simple term anyone can understand. By studying genius’s subconscious behaviours and processes and creating techniques that can promote and install these behaviours in anyone. NLP gives normal people the opportunity to perform in extra ordinary ways. NLP is the study of human excellence to improve the essence of your skills by modelling successful behaviours and creating infinite possibilities for learning and changing.

NLP can bring about quick and effective change that can be long lasting by involving all of your senses: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetically, Olfactory and Gustatory (VAKOG). This means you can fully associate or dissociate with a problem state by using your imagination and heightening all your awareness. Can you remember a time when a smell took you straight back to an old memory, or a record playing took you back to an older memory?  If so, you can perceive something that is more to your advantage and you can achieve it, it’s that simple.

What can NLP be used for?

  • NLP can be used to achieve excellence in performance in sports and business
  • Achieving peak performance and improved focus
  • How to get motivated and taking control over your life
  • Clear up negative thoughts and build a solid positive attitude
  • Learn strategies to improve your future
  • Thinking feeling and behaving in a way that brings you freedom
  • Actions and emotions to achieve your desires and reach full potential
  • Build relationships
  • Achieve better communications skills to become more competitive in the market place
  • Understand how your mind works to develop better mental attitudes
  • How your motivation strategy works and how to use it at will
  • How to eliminate past limitations and gain confidence in your future
  • How to set your goals and future mission
  • How to apply specific processes to gain deep self-appreciation and self-esteem
  • How to create changes in yourself
  • Eliminate anxieties for greater personal achievement
  • Change beliefs, phobia, limiting beliefs, addictions, self esteem, overcome fears, treating individual problems and remove unwanted habits.
  • Improving your ability to influence others
  • Personal change
  • Organisation development
  • Stress and Depression
  • Bereavement and loss with emotional resolutions techniques
  • Improving mental concentration and focus to align goals, values and beliefs.

How can it benefit me?

altNLP is the key to unlock your potential, as you can see there are many benefits and at Affronte Therapy the practitioners and coaches are Masters in this field so you can be assured of getting the best therapy possible. To suit your own unique circumstances, the coaches are flexible and often we use NLP in conjunction with many other techniques to achieve long life personal change and excellence in the area of your choice.

NLP has many techniques which can work on a continuous basis to improve your subjective experience of life or on a rapid basis to instantly realign beliefs, change habits, change perspectives and in general give a person much better control of their life.

By using NLP our therapists at Affronte aim to help you begin to live at Cause rather than Effect which is an important ability of NLP, by giving you the practical tools you need to gain more control of your life. We can help you to stop being a victim of circumstance and start living the life you want to today!

NLP takes a practical approach at analysing how you actually think and then has many techniques which are simple to learn and greatly increase your personal power, self-esteem and general well-being. Techniques in NLP range from New Belief Generator, Instant confidence processes, Smashing Limiting Beliefs, Deletion of negative habits and many many others. At Affronté Therapy we have found that NLP is a key tool in any therapy session to give our clients techniques and understanding which will last a life time!



After suffering with depression for years, during which I was given counselling and antidepressants, personally it was clear that none of these worked for me. A friend recommended

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Coupon Discounts

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