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Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Quotient (EQ) or Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Our EQ, or Emotional Quotient, is how one measures Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence, or EI, describes an ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, and of others, both work hand in hand.

The concept of EQ became popularized by Daniel Goleman in 1995. His book Emotional Intelligence and helps us to understand it is not just technical and analytical abilities that make a successful leader. IQ is not the only predictor of success, or a guarantee of career success. You do need technical abilities, and competencies at a specific skill or within a specific subject matter, but to thrive you need the ability to get along with other people. The most successful leaders have a high degree of emotional intelligence, and EQ and both can be developed.

One definition of Emotional intelligence is provided by- Daniel Goleman “…the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in others and ourselves.”

Emotional intelligence is not about traditional intelligence. It is about the ability to handle ourselves and others. It is all about our ability to get along with others and build relationships. Our emotions have the potential to get in the way of our business and personal relationships if we allow them to. According to John Kotter of Harvard Business School: “Because of the furious pace of change in business today, difficult to manage relationships sabotage more business than anything else – it is not a question of strategy that gets us into trouble it is a question of emotions.” The very same can be said when it comes to any relationship, with heightened emotions, in the heat of the moment, did you say or do something that later you wished you had handles better? Therefore, it really is a question of emotions and how we control them, or not.

A case for improved EQ

  •     Do you think your organisations hire for IQ?
  •     Do want to become more employable?
  •     Do you want better personal and professional relationships?

If you answered YES to any of the above then at Affronte Therapy have the solution for you. One particular area of interest in both managing emotions and stress is being widely recognised as a primary factor is EQ. If you have the ability to recognise and manage emotions, in yourself and in others and it is increasingly being recognised as being important for success in business, relationships and life in general. EQ competencies can help you to take a deeper look at yourself and into all aspects of your life and work. Traditionally, IQ was thought to be the full story of the measure of intelligence and potential, but experience tells us that this is not the whole picture. Something more is needed; at a minimum, a degree of self-knowledge and self-control; the ability to stay motivated in the face of setbacks, and the ability to understand and inspire others. EQ covers the vital ‘interpersonal’ and ‘intrapersonal’ dimensions to complement the logical, mathematical and linguistic abilities of IQ. Professionals and individuals can tap into the power of EQ to create positive change, especially those wishing to improve their chances of getting the job they want, leaders, change agents, learning & development experts, educators, and coaches.

The findings of a study suggest that hiring managers believe emotional intelligence is more important than a candidate’s IQ. The researchers also found 75 per cent of managers said they are more likely to promote an employee with high EI, or EQ, than one with a stronger IQ, because many managers see the benefits of a harmonious workplace when colleagues get along, so maybe it’s time to start testing for EQ instead of IQ as part of the hiring process. Talk to us now to see what sort of package we can offer you for personal or professional purposes to help you stay ahead of the game.

What are The Five Components of EQ

Self-Awareness – A person who is self-aware understands their own moods and emotions and also how those moods and emotions may impact others.

Self-Regulation – Someone who exhibits self-regulation thinks before they act. Remember that person you worked for? The one who used to get red in the face, yell and scream and throw notebooks across the room? Were they exhibiting self-regulation?

Motivation – If you have intrinsic value to your work or goal, it is not just for money or for status; if you have a strong drive to achieve; then you know about motivation.

Empathy – The empathetic individual is able to understand the emotions of others and also learns to treat them as they wish to be treated, not to be mistaken with sympathy as there is a distinct difference.

Social Skill – Do you know someone who is able to meet new people and immediately develop a rapport with them? It is likely that they are very accomplished in the area of social skill and have confidence to back it up.
Why should we have more Emotional Intelligence?
Research shows that overall Emotional intelligence improves effectiveness, relationships, health, influence, decision making, and quality of life. Young people with high EQ earn higher grades, stay in school, and make healthier choices.

What are the benefits of EI?

Couldn't we all benefit from being more in control of our emotions?

Adults with high EI have better career advancement, are more effective leaders and salespeople, and have better personal & professional relationships.

Business and EI the research speaks for itself, EQ helps to build a powerful force, can increase production, help overcoming resistance and manage change sensitively and more easily.

In fact, the greatest need for emotional intelligence is probably within the management ranks, where leadership skills, self-awareness, and sensitivity to others are required daily. Inevitably most employees leave their manager and not their job. EQ can address the reason for staff turnover and promote a healthier working environment. Started to weave EQ into your work place and notice the difference it makes.

In other words, the learnable skills of emotional intelligence are central to personal and professional success. Everywhere that people connect with others, everywhere that people need to make complex decisions, everywhere that people need to lead themselves and others, there are compelling reasons to develop and apply the science of EQ.

Call  today for more information about individual sessions or group events. We offer a comprehensive Organisation Stress Management package to suit your requirements and wide range of services to suit your uniqueness. EI is a vast field offering powerful tools to make a real changes to yourself or to your business, the issue is can you afford not to address EI?

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