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Smoking Cessation

What to expect from smoking cessation hypnosis therapy

altMost people have had the experience of setting New Year’s Resolutions and not sticking to them, or saying they are quitting smoking and give up at the first hurdle. One of the biggest reasons for failure is setting resolutions which you’re not 100% aligned with. If your resolutions are not aligned with your values, your motivation won’t last. You may even find yourself doing things that sabotage the goals you thought you wanted. So, unless you are already absolutely, no-doubt-whatsoever, 100% clear about what’s important to you, it’s worth taking a little time to get clear about your values.

Before engaging in any therapy to quit smoking it is important to ensure that you want to quit smoking for yourself, not because of a partner or someone else wants you to quit. It is an all or nothing therapy and we want 100% success for you so we don’t treat those who want to be ‘weekend’ smokers or those who really are not ready to quit. If you are really committed and are able to take a 50/50 approach to become smoke free for healthier life, this is the most effective and extensive smoking therapy you will receive. As therapists, we  pride ourselves in your success so prepare yourself for two and half hours of intensive therapy, with after care therapy which you will need to continue for as long as you need it.

We foster a 50/50 philosophy which relies on a mutually cooperative approach to find your solution state and discover the underlying emotional events involved in the habit of smoking, this could involve therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental Skills Coaching, Eye Motion Desensitising and Reprogramming and many other techniques.  Any habit has a positive intention, if not fully addresses the chances are you could replace smoking with another equally, or sometimes worse habit. To avoid this you learn self hypnosis, you will be supplied with a disc or MP3 of an induction and suggestion therapy to re-frame and install new beliefs about yourself, and a subliminal disc for use in your home for as long as you need it. Pre-therapy can include in depth Personal History Questionnaire, an Emotion Quotient Questionnaire, Lasher colour testing and your program will be based upon these results so we decide which are the best tools to use for your unique issues.

Step 1.

When you agree to therapy you complete questionnaire and complete the colour test, the results are analysed we will decide which tools and techniques to use to powerfully communicate with you and tailor the session to your own view of the world, this is essential as each client is individual and smokes or completely different reasons. Once you are happy to proceed I want you to commit fully by agreeing to sign a Stop Smoking Agreement Form.

Some areas we will be looking at are:

  •     Health benefits – both short and long term
  •     Financial benefits
  •     Due to parenthood and related responsibilities
  •     Responsibilities towards family/partner
  •     Social disapproval
  •     Unpleasant Smell
  •     Social-related reasons such as Pub/Club and restaurant bans
  •     Image-related issues
  •     Work-related issues
  •     Medical/Surgical Reasons – e.g. to gain consent for an operation to take place.
  •     Any other reason you feel contribute towards your habit

Step 2.

We arrange a mutually agreeable date and time, we will go through the Personal History Questionnaire to elicit as much additional information that is pertinent to your therapy.

Step 3.

Through the session the therapist will maintain a continuous connection with your moment-to-moment experience to empathise with your individual needs; this could mean using several tools such as:

Hypnotherapy includes the induction aimed at facilitating relaxation that allows the therapist to overcome the critical factor of the subconscious mind. By doing this, the suggestions made can be fed to the subconscious mind and manifested so your association with smoking is changed forever. I use your own language and metaphors so its personal to you.

Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP) has some very powerful tool to help you kick the habit once and for all. Cigarette aversion therapy which helps to break the connection and intention smoking holds for you and repels the idea in your subconscious mind, and can include taking you back to the first time you smoked a cigarette by using age regression. We reframe any negatives, or turn around negative experiences or possible previous attempts to give up smoking. Because you failed before, does not mean you are doomed to fail again, we can draw upon this and use as feedback for your success.

Parts Therapy (or Six-Step reframing) this looks at the many parts that form you as a whole, if you can identify with this, “a part of me really wants to give up smoking, but another part just won’t let me” this therapy along with the visual squash will really work for you.

The New Behaviour Generator is used to enable you to model yourself on someone else who you believe is a good influence or you believe is a good influence and actually feel how good it feels to be a non-smoker.

By using your imagination we can use future pacing and age progression so you see effects of continued smoking or see the effects of giving up smoking. If you can perceive it you can conceive and achieve it, this type of visualisation is brilliant in helping to remove unwanted emotions and acquire new ones instantly. We can also anchor positive feelings and emotions instantly to make you feel more positive, we can gain leverage by stacking the anchor and in some case collapse negative anchors that could attribute towards your habit.

We also go through a process to establish the ecology of your actions; this can help you achieve your goal of becoming and remaining a non-smoker. This is an integral part of all our actions, recognising what you do and how it impacts on others within your environment, and of realisation of the consequences or results or impact of any change that occurs on the wider system. Imagine your child watching you smoke and modelling you? It is useful to look at making any change as to the consequences for self, family, society and planet.

Emotional Resolution Therapy

Emotional Resolution is all about looking after your emotional health and this is just as important as caring for your physical health, because people who are emotionally healthy are in control of their emotions and behaviour. Emotional resolution is a very powerful therapy that can help you to overcome emotions associated with phobias, bereavement closure, resolve recurring negative emotions and much more.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Often bad habits are a way of trying to satisfy an emotion, CBT is a form of talking therapy that combines cognitive therapy and behaviour therapy. It focuses on how you think about the things going on in your life – your thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes (your cognitive processes) – and how these impacts on the way you behave and deal with emotional problems. It then looks at how you can change any negative patterns of thinking or behaviour that may be causing you difficulties. In turn, this can change the way you feel and act, you can change patterns of behaviour. The Matrix model, this is a six step approach to discovering why you smoke, the emotions involved and changing sub-modalities (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory) to effect change and works well with other models such as visualisation and parts therapy. The Cascade Model ask two pertinent questions and helps you to discover underlying problems that lead to your habit. It uses meta questioning to elicit information and this method works very well with suggestion hypnotherapy.

Eye movement desensitising and reprogramming (EMDR)
EMDR is an effective therapy for to treat habitual behaviours, the client is asked to follow a signal or the fingers of the therapist and this effectively removes the desire to smoke and removes cravings. The basis behind EMDR therapy is bilateral stimulation using auditory or visual stimuli that tracks from left to right and back again. This is thought to emulate the psychological state that we enter into when in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Studies show that when in REM sleep we are able to make new associations between things very rapidly – EMDR may be tapping into this high speed processing mode that we all have but often can’t access.

These are just a sample of the tools to show you how your therapy is built around you, be assured that are therapist adopt a flexible approach so you get the results you want.

Step 4 .

Your commitment to remain a non-smoker continues after you leave my office, you will be supplied with a CD to continue with self hypnosis at home, and subliminal CD is supplied at no extra cost and is to be used 25 minutes every day for the first month or for as long as you need it. You will also be provided with after care information and knowledge of how the mind works, and other useful information and I teach you Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and emergency stop techniques to prevent cravings. You became addicted to smoking in a relatively short time so it follows you can free yourself of that addiction if you arm yourself with the correct tools. This is what I aim to do for you so do call to make your appointment.

You will receive ongoing e-mail and telephone support and because you are choosing to be a non-smoker your success rate will be a 100%. As a back up if you do go back to the smoking habit, you do get the opportunity off a free session for up to 6 months after quitting; Affronte Therapy go that extra mile to help you so we know you won’t be needing this.

The cost is ₤175: can you afford not to take this one off commitment?

Coupon Discounts

Coupon Discounts

Vouchers will become available throughout the year, watch out for the next offer! we are offering you the opportunity to buy three therapy sessions and receive the fourth session absolutely free.

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