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Mental Skills Coaching

What Is NLP Mental Skills Coaching?

altNLP Mental skills Coaching (Neuro Lingsuistic Programming) is a range of techniques/ models that can give one the abillity to understand why we think the way we do; and thereafter, the abillity to change thought patterns that do not serve us well. NLP can give you more control over what you think and feel, enhancing your abillity to more easily control the thought procresses, generating more positve thoughts and eradicating negative ones. NLP is the study of our subjective experience and how we can positively change the programming of our mind to gain more of what we do want and less of what we don’t want. NLP was founded in 1973 when reputable college professors came together to study geniuses and through studying their subconscious behaviours, devised ways and means of showing anyone how to adopt behaviours that produced excellence.


NLP can help in a versatile range of situations, it enable you to:

    • perform more efficiently while facilitating outstanding results
    •  Manage states effectivley
    • Increase brain function
    • Control emotions and reactions
    • Exert better mental control
    • Achieve goals quicker
    • Achieve goals more consistently

In business would you like to be able to perform better; to exceed expectations, to gain that edge over your competitors, manage stress levels more effectively and build happier more productive relationships at work? As an athlete do you want to go for gold, gain that winning mindset giving you an advantage over your competitors?  

NLP has a vairety of applications, from the Intelligent CEO that wants to enchance his  Critical thinking and communications skills, to the Interviewee that wants to control nerves and give themselves the best shot at landing the job. NLP is not just for becoming an elite athlete, or corporate success; it’s about you managing your state and increasing your operating percent to get the best out of any situation, regardless your walk of life.

Mental Skill training has a variety of applications, here are some examples of the skills that NLP can equip you with the ability to:

  • Choose and maintain a positive attitude
  • Maintain a high level of self-motivation
  • Help you to set ecological goals and achieve them
  • Deal effectively with people and relationships
  • Use positive self-talk to your advantage
  • Use positive mental imagery to bring about change
  • Manage anxiety easily and effectively
  • Give you the ability to control the controllable

Someone that is versed in NLP will be much more focused, driven and mentally powerful; be it for:

  • Business
  • Sports performance
  • Communication skills
  • Education
  • Eradicating negative habits
  • Instilling and improving positive habits and much more!

    NLP can Change your life and your results. Mental skills coaching can give both individuals and organisations the skills they need to achieve excellence!


    At Affronte Therapy our expert practitioners are fully accredited Master practitioners in NLP, having experience of using NLP to complement a wide range of other therapies for best results.

    Because NLP is such a wide field, there really is somthing for everyone; from techniques to vanquish negative habits, to techniques that breed confidence and give one the abillity to excell in a wide range of disciplines.

    NLP can be taught as a seminar to give teams a mental skills upgrade, or for a more bespoke experience can be taught in tailored 1-1 sessions; meaning an individual can adress their specific strengths and weaknesses, learning the abilities they need to advance themselves. Our brains are far more powerful than any computer ever created, mental skills coaching simply acts as a manual to show us how to control the powerful computer that is our brain.

      Area Specific Benefits:

      • Business- A work force that know how they think has the ability to enact positive change much more efficiently. Organisations that have high levels of awareness (both intra personal and interpersonal) benefit from increased productivity, efficieny, better work place well-being and a host of other benefits. NLP is a vital tool in any businesses toolbox. It's versatile range of skills make it indespensible to any business wanting to assist it's workforce in personal development.
      • Sales/ Negotiation skills- NLP techniques can equip our clients with the abillity to understand the process of communication, and in doing so open up a host of other opportunities to increase sales and negotiation abilities such as; building rapport, pacing and leading, motivation stratergies and a whole host of other skills. The communication model, quantum linguistics and slight of mouth patterns are highly effective in a sales environment. Using NLP sales staff will have the ability to tune into their customer, while using effective language to come to ecological win-win conclusions.
      • Managing people/ Team Building- Managing people can be a challenging proposition at the best of times. The effective manager must have a wide range of skills, all of which can me massivly enhanced using NLP. Hightened sense of self leads to the abillity to understand others better, a manager with NLP skills can more easily build positive business relationships and use self-development to facilitate the development of their team.
      • Presentations-  presenting can be a daunitng task- not so when you have complete belief in yourself. NLP has techniques such as anchor points and the cirlce of excellence that allow the user to easily access peak states on demand. Through a thorough understanding of how our states and emotions can affect us, we can devise clever coping stratergies that let us peform even infront of the toughest crowd. Each of us have unlimited potential, NLP allows us to tap into this meaning we can get the best out of every given situation.


      • Overcoming bad performance- Bad performances can often leave trauma on the mind that can often lead to more of the same. Addressing these issues with NLP can help reverse the effects of negative thought patterns and help the athlete to get back to winnings ways. All Sports require a high level of mental engagment, whether it be the intense focus of a proffesional fighter or the mental endurance of a long distance athlete, this fact is in many places overlooked; however, a quick look at the elite athletes in each sport will show it takes a high level of mental dexterity to get to the top. Many of the techniques within NLP can be utilised to great effect in a sporting envrionment, whether it is to bolster training regimes or to give a vital boost of confidence prior to performance to achieve peak states and sporting success.


      • Heightened communication skills- NLP can be great for those seeking a new partner, or those wanting to bring more harmony and synchonicity to their relationships. We cannot not communicate, whether it is consciously or subconsciously we pick up thousands of communications everyday and NLP can help us make sure these interactons are positive.   understanding communication and the ways in which the mind works can be beneficial in any relationship, reducing conflict and allowing for more hamonious, enjoyable relationships. Couples can often benefit from learning NLP together, however;even if one partner become more aware, empathetic and confident, the positive results can be astonishing. 

      Education/ Coaching

      • Communicating ideas- Learning how the communication process works can offer great benefits in a teaching and coaching envrionment. Education/ training/ coaching is all about understanding how the student or learning "ticks". NLP provides us with some profound insights that can majorly benefit practically any training plan. By incorperating NLP into a training plan we equip the student and teacher with better tools to optimise teaching sessions for maximum benefit, including, better skill retention, better memory and better abillity to understand and apply concepts.

      Get in contact now to see how we can boost your individual or organisational effectivness by equipping you with an arsenal of effective thinking stratergies and skills. We offer a free consultation allowing us to aseess our suitability for the task at hand, giving you peace of mind that you are in the hands of experienced proffesionals. The  free consultation also gives us a chance to see what structure would be most beneficial for you. Each program is tailored to our clients individual needs meaning we can address a wide range of challenges to peak perfomrance.

      Coupon Discounts

      Coupon Discounts

      Vouchers will become available throughout the year, watch out for the next offer! we are offering you the opportunity to buy three therapy sessions and receive the fourth session absolutely free.



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