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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Iq eq and leap to success with well-being therapy

Why choose Affronte therapy?

altProtein Weight loss Programme


We get you results you want because you can choose the best way to lose weight that fits in with your life style. Both Paula and Omar are personal nutritional professional and Prodimed Partners. This treatment programme is medically approved and developed especially for adults who need to lose weight, it is quick, effective, durable and most of all safe. With the Prodimed Protein Diet success is guaranteed, because you have a vast choice of food and no restrictions on your daily activities, you will never feel drained of energy, quite the contrary, you will feel very fit. Prodimed facilitates a quick weight loss of 6 to 10 kg per month because the nutritional absorption is guaranteed by the protein and the body is then forced to tap into its reserves of sugar and fat.You will also be provided with essential vitamins and minerals in order to meet the demands of your body.


One of the worst things about losing weight is the lack of energy and motivation as well as the the saggy face and skin. Prodimed is designed to help you maintain the energy levels and motivation, because when you start to see results your motivation is raised. There will be no saggy muscles or drawn faces as protein maintains the noble mass of the organism, including muscles, the organs and the skin so you will start to see improvements quickly in your overall health and skin tone.

You will be surprised to discover just how easy Prodimed is to use, and your consultant will guide you through every stage and then towards maintaining a healthy diet once you have achieved your desired weight loss. There is no danger of the Yo-Yo effect, Prodimed is designed around your needs and what works for you. There are a diversity of flavours in the replacements meals and snacks, and you can still eat plenty of vegetables and add meals through the different phases of the diet. Meals are easy to prepare and eat on the go, so no more snacking with junk food, you will have everything you need to keep you motivated to your end goal and beyond. You will be supplied with a recipe book of ideas on meals to make with the available foods, it couldn't be easier!

To gain that advantage why not combine your Prodimed with some of the other therapies we offer such as Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Discover and address the underlying psychological reasons for your weight gain, and form new habits of a life time, sounds like a dream? Click on the site Prodimed site for more details, and call for your free consultation and to see how we can help you.

Gastric Band Hypno-therapy

As licensed Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy Practitioners, we are confident that we can deliver to you a unique package to suit your individual circumstances. The program is very comprehensive and takes into consideration the psychology of overeating and addressing the underlying reasons for this habit. Yes, we do believe that over eating is an habit which you do unconsciously and have learnt, so you can now start to learn the habit of eating well to fuel the needs your body requires to function at optimum.  In order to perfect our service to the highest standards, our therapists have vast amount of training in numerous fields, so they can use a flexible approach, to get you the best results in the shortest possible time.

You will receive up to eights hours of intensive therapy which could include Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or whatever the therapist decides is your best option based on the personal history questionnaire and with on going dynamic assessment throughout the program. Therapy continues with Self Hypnosis in the comfort of your home with the six self hypnosis discs that use hypnotic suggestions and Emotional Intelligence to manifest thoughts into your unconscious mind, and you will start to notice subtle changes as they days pass by. 

Upon signing up to one of our courses you will receive a manual with instructions, tips and techniques for you to use at home, as well motivational e-mails with life style swaps and suggestion to change the way you think about food,  your eating habits and shopping habits. For those who require more intensive therapy, available to you is your own personalised disc which re-frames any negative emotions or limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, it also can help you relax so that whatever challenges you have seem less challenging, sleep is essential to aid weight loss and to help you feel a lot better about life in general.

To help with cravings you will learn Emotional Freedom Techniques which you can use 24/7  to get cravings under control, and promote a positive state of mind. This is an amazing package with a proven track record for success, see the video link attached to the menu and contact view the newspaper articles, this is not just hype, Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy works, its worked for many others and it can work for you too. This program does not end when your therapy ends, it promotes new habits of a lifetime and completely free of charge, you will have access to unlimited e-mail support for as long as you need it.

If you prefer not to take the whole Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy package, we can still utilise the  strategies above so you get can get full benefit of the tools and techniques suggested, designed to suit  your  individual needs and specifications. This program is suitable for men and woman over the age of 18 years, and subject to personal history questionnaire or consent from your doctor if there are any contra indications.

Who said losing weight has to be hard.?

There is no dieting involved because whatever you most resist you will continue to persist, so nothing is off limits in regard to your dietary intake. I don’t know if you have noticed in the past that whenever you feel like you are resisting or trying to force things to happen, you failed! Think back to your last diet, and you denied yourself of the things you wanted, what happened? You relied on your willpower and found it hard, craving the foods you denied yourself until your willpower gave in. Then the feelings of failure and guilt crept in, and there you are again doing the same old things and expecting different results. It’s time to change your focus, it’s time to shift your attention OFF of what you don’t want and ON TO what you do want! So if you are ready to take this step its time to call and make your free appointment to discuss your root to success.

We have put together a proven hypnosis program that anyone can use to start to lose substantial amounts of weight in as little as seven days. The most remarkable part of the system is that you don’t need to have a one-to-one hypnosis session with me to carry on the treatment because you get a set of discs to listen weekly and all the support you need  throughout the process, you will learn self-hypnosis and emotional freedom techniques to meet the demands of craving, anxiety and so much more.

What’s more, thousands of people just like you already swear by this amazing weight loss method.

  • Are you sick and tired of all those over hyped diets that promise fast weight loss but never seem to work?
  • Are you fed up of taking those expensive weight loss pills only to discover that the second you stop the weight piles straight back on?
  • Are your friends and family constantly dropping little hints, reminding you that you’re letting yourself go?
  • Have you been toying with the idea weight loss surgery, only to be put off by all of those horror stories you hear about?
  • Has your doctor said that unless you lose weight fast you are seriously putting your health at risk?
  • Are you ready to forget about all of those gimmicks and get started on a proven weight loss method and finally lose that weight?

Sound At All Familiar?

That’s why we have decided to go that extra mile to help you gain success, you can loose weight if you want to, the only boundaries are those you put in your mind, " I don't have time" I'm too old" " I cant go to the gym", its the choices you made that piled on the weight so now its time to make better choices. Taking this program will be a life changing experience, we want you to have see this program as an investment in your future health and potential, imagine what would be different in your life is you were your ideal weight and body size? Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy and the Affronte Therapy approach to weight loss, is extremely effective, you can integrate it into your busy life and  use the techniques almost any time, any place, almost anywhere. This weight loss symptom is very safe and effective and designed so you will no longer need to yo-yo diet, or use crazy diets, you will learn to fuel your body sufficiently to sustain life and still enjoy what you eat.

If you choose the Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy, it is a simple and enjoyable process that takes you through a virtual Gastric Band Operation by simply using the power of suggestion, guided visualisation and advanced hypnotic techniques you will actually feel and believe you’ve had a real life gastric band fitted, in a real hospital, performed by a real surgeon.

The powerful memories of your operation will be planted deep in your mind, as a result you are always aware of the reduced size of your stomach which will drastically affect your eating habits.Trying to eat large amounts of food in one meal will feel impossible, and if you try to force the issue and eat more, you will most certainly feel very uncomfortable and possibly even feel sick.

From start to finish, Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy is completely painless, very relaxing, whilst at the same time being realistic and extremely effective. The additional Self-Hypnosis tools are really powerful and improve your chances of success, so if you are looking to change your life for the better, this is for you. What’s more it’s really simple, extremely effective, and non-invasive and produces long-term changes.

You might wonder how is Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy is better than a real Gastric Band Operation. Well for a start, a Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy costs just a fraction compared to a real gastric band operation which could set you back anywhere between £7,000 and £10,000, our price start at £150 for three appointments and there are no nasty side effects and complications associated with a real gastric band, including;

  •     Pulmonary Embolism – This is the medical term for blood clots on the lungs.
  •     Infection – The place where the surgeon made the incision can easily become infected.
  •     Bleeding – The healing wound can rupture and start to bleed.
  •     Reaction – Many people will have a bad to anaesthesia or prescribed medication.
  •     Slipping – The band often ends up slipping because the stomach pouch has stretched.
  •     Tubing or Port Problems – This is very rare but cases of puncturing or breakage of the port have occurred.
  •     Reflux – This is a condition in which the stomach contents are regurgitated back into the mouth.
  •     Blockage – Sometimes the stoma (stomach outlet) can end up getting blocked.
  •     Death – Now I don’t want to scare you but 1 in 2000 people who have this operation will die on the operating table.

And if that wasn’t enough to put you off, many people have started to find ways to cheat the band, such as liquidating there sugary foods to get what they think is a comfort. This way the processed food can be consumed easier and still get the sugar fix, comfort eat or whatever it is you crave.

This never happens with Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy because first and foremost, together we  address the underlying psychological reason for over eating. Secondly, your mind is reprogrammed with a new train of thoughts which simply changes your perception and focus about food so you don’t need to cheat or over eat. The underlying issues are addressed first with emotional clearing techniques, its can be an emotional experience but once you address your past you can leave it behind and move forward. All your past experiences are stepping stones to your future so use them to move on now.

So What’s This Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy Weight Loss Program All About?

With Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy you get an amazing set discs or MP3s in which I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step, through a state of deep relaxation through your very own virtual gastric band operation.This virtual operation will feel so real that you’ll wake up thinking that you’ve actually had a real gastric band fitted. After listening to this recording, you will take control of your way of thinking, your feelings and therefore your behaviour. Gastric Band Hypno-Therapy can program your mind to help you eat less and choose healthier options because your subconscious mind will believe your stomach size has been reduced and you will begin to desire healthier options. You will notice that you will enjoy taking a bit more exercise than you did before, that is not to say you will be expected to go on a fitness regime. It is then the magic happens, because you are eating less and because your subconscious mind believes your stomach will actually become smaller, you will start shedding those unwanted pounds in no time at all. When you find out how good it feels to be in control, to love to eat nutritious foods, and to easily turn down the sweets and fats, you will believe in the power of hypnosis.

Weight loss is achieved faster with the amazing combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching and motivation, this will inspire you to discover just how good you can feel now, and for the rest of your life. It is not magic, but it feels like it! You will notice how natural and effortless it is to release the issues and release the fat. So if you really want to get back to the best shape of your life and finally get rid of that fat with…

  •     No crazy recipe books with hundreds and hundreds of crazy diet meal ideas.
  •     No crazy guide encouraging you to cut out certain foods and eat more of other foods.
  •     No knocking yourself out at the gym for hours and hours every single day.
  •     No more crazy diet pills or shakes that promise the world but more often than not fail to deliver the results you need.
  •     No need to risk your life going under the knife to have some unnecessary surgery.
  •     No need to spend thousands of your hard earned cash on a procedure that isn’t necessary.

If you are looking to manage your eating habits and regain a body you can be proud of then you need to get your hands on a guaranteed, scientifically proven self hypnosis weight loss system that will program new healthier eating habits and finally give your body that kick in the right direction towards a brand new super slim you.

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