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Free Articles & Techniques

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Free Articles/ Techniques

Check here for regular updates, including: Affronte News and Free techniques such as NLP,  Hypnotherapy, Mental skills coaching, Emotional Freedom techniques etc, as well as empowering articles covering various subjects.  We are here to help you, together, positive change may be closer then you think.

Quick and simple Smoking Cessation Technique

Do something today, you will thank yourself for tomorrow.
Over the next few days I will post up a few techniques that can be used to make stopping smoking a bit easier.
It is all in the mind..... ;)

One quick, simple one is, high road, Low Road.

All you have to do is relax, close your eyes (After you understand the exercise, ha! ), and imagine yourself taking a walk down a road, there are 2 forks in the road, when you were a smoker, you were taking the low road, so first, in your mind.

See yourself walking down the slope, at first a couple of days in the future, had you continued smoking, along the side of the road see fag butts, stinky ash trays, losing money etc, and anything else you associate as negatives of smoking, that are relevant, and personal to you.
The further you get down the slope, the further in the future you should imagine yourself.
So, say 3 years, maybe you see yourself with yellowed teeth, fag smell on yourself, poor complexion.
10 years, bad coughs, chest infections, wrinkles beginning.
Progressing forward, until eventually, you may even see your grave because of it.

Now, take the high road, do the same process, but in reverse, So walking up the hill imagining all the Positive things you are going to gain as a non-smoker, a few week later your chest may be feeling clearer, less coughing, a bit more money in your pocket,
a year in the future, you might have a skip in your step, more healthy, more happy, better skin, better teeth.
3 years in the future and 10 and so on, Imagining vividly all the positives that you associate with your new smoke-free self.

The more vividly you can associate with the feelings, the better the effect will be.
This simple exercise can be good for you to remember exactly why, you personally, want to quit smoking, and is good to reinforce your will to succeed,
And to bring things into perspective for you.
Keep in mind your goals, and get what you really want!

Being realistic

So why should we be realistic? Is being realistic the path to mediocrity? If we were to stay in our comfort zones, would we excel at anything? If you have watched The pursuit of happiness, you will understand these statements, we all have the potential to do extraordinary things if we believe in ourselves and step out of our comfort zones. An idea is only an idea until you put it into action. You never know what your true potential is until you back is against the wall, or you are faced with some life changing decision, so what do you do? You have several options, walk away? face them head on? let someone else deal with it and many others. There has been a lot of research done into what a person would do when faced with a crisis.

  • Remember who you are
  • Look where you want to go
  • Nurture helpful relationships

I do suggest watching The Pursuit of happiness, or The Warrior within, both are based on true stories and show our human potential to overcome even the toughest breaks in life. In my opinion, both stories clearly show our human potential to sustain incredible discomforts, yet the determination and strength within us, believing that we can achieve that dream, and knowing that the relationships we make are reciprocal and defeated the negative beliefs that one could have accepted as their truth. So instead of thinking YOU CANT, tell yourself, YOU CAN, instead of sitting back with regrets of what YOU DIDN'T DO, sit back and remember with pride WHAT YOU DID ACHIEVE. If you say you CANT do something you are right, and if you think you can do something you are right, so start focusing on your future dreams and aspirations, leave the past in a big black bag for the dustman to collect, and make your new future dreams come true. It really is a lot more fun when you are living out of your comfort zone, try it!

Notes for Positive Change!

It is decision and the choices we make that shape our destiny.
1. What do you focus on?
2.What things mean to you
3. What should I do now (Replace negative habit, with a positive one.?)

Steps to positive Change
1. Decide what you want?
2. Take action
3. Notice what’s working what’s not working
4. If anything isn’t working, change approach

Conscious and subconscious:

• Awaken the resources you need to change your life for the better.
• Focus your conscious on what is important and the subconscious will follow.

"We are what we think- Buddha"

A powerful method to start your day, whether it is just moving a bit, or full on exercise, take between 15mins - ideally an hour a day, to create Positive mental phrases, or images, that are positive for you, and will get you in a peak stake while moving or exercising.

Any negative habit is working against your success, any positive is boosting you, pushing you forward towards success.


The more we do something, the easier it will become. Once you have your new positive system in place your new changes will become automatic, do what you need to and don’t rationalise with your stories.

Only you will ever truly know if you are being true to yourself, and if you are winning or losing; positive or negative habits are all created inside of you; If your strategies aren't getting you the right results, CHANGE THEM!

More free tips coming up.

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